Flying Cowboys Annual Fly-In was Saturday

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Flying Cowboys Annual Fly-In was Saturday

Saturday was a day devoted to planes both big and little. The Flying Cowboys, the local remote-controlled airplane club hosted their annual Fly-In and Sheridan Media's Judy Hagerott brings us this story.

It was those “magnificent men with their flying machines” taking to the air Saturday as the Flying Cowboys hosted their annual Fly-In for those remote-controlled airplanes.

Pilots from five states had over 200 planes on display or in the air performing rolls, dives, loops and a variety of stunts that would make the Red Baron jealous.

Ray Quarles came down from Livingston, Montana, and tells us why he flys.

Everyone needs a hobby. Don Thorson is from Newcastle and has been flying his planes since 1955.

There were all types of airplanes. There were the small electric ones and then the giants with a ten foot wingspan powered with large gasoline engines. There was even a remote-controlled jet there that could fly up to 200 miles an hour. Now that will blow your hair back.

But for some pilots like Ray Quarles, the love of the hobby comes from building your own plane from scratch.

Starter planes run around $100 and the price tag goes up from there meaning you don't want to make too many crash landings. John Steir is the Flying Cowboys president and says wrecks do happen.

But Steir says that's just part of the process.

Don Thorson has had his share of plane crashes. He says you just learn from your mistakes. Now, that's some pretty good advice for life.

Thorson is eighty years-old and says flying these airplanes keeps you young.

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