The Fluoridation Discussion Continues Amongst City Officials

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The Fluoridation Discussion Continues Amongst City Officials

There has been a lot of discussion lately about fluoridation of the public water supply in Sheridan. The City Council, along with staff have been holding work sessions and doing research on the pros and cons of adding fluoride to the water supply. City of Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey says that they have, and will continue to do their homework on the issue.

The item will be addressed by the Sheridan City Council this upcoming Monday night. Kinskey says basically, that there be one question that will be answered at the meeting.

Currently there is a very low fluoride level in the City's water supply. Be sure to join us Monday, where we will have a more in depth look at some of the other agenda items that the Council will consider at their upcoming meeting.

Shame on Sheridan

It would have been nice to know that the Council was going to be voting on this on Monday. Shouldn't this have to pass THREE TIMES!?

S. Mercer, Sheridan

S. Mercer, Sheridan


What happened to the good o'l Sheridan? Tasty water, no fear of your neighbor or big brother. Now around every corner is another conspiracy theory or tax looming to rip away what ever spare coin you happened to squirrel away!Be lucky you don't have some crappy well water like Dayton recently drilled! I would much rather have the cool refreshing e-coli and coloform taste of the Tongue river than the chlorine smellin,particulate floatin, caked on white residue and water heater, pan ruining white build up left behind after boiling it or letting it naturaly evaporate.Either the new ground water is horrably poor or the brain trust who is the Mayor or town utility manager doesn't have a clue! I would say both are clueless!

please change my what ever from I hear voices to SAY WHAT! hope you can do this for thanks.

Worded perfectly. To the end

Worded perfectly. To the end of your comment, there is A LOT of people not spending their hard earned money in sheridan due to the recent force of the 1% sales tax. I myself have saved $300 since the elections taking my shopping elswhere. I know many others doing the same.

So you have saved $300 since

So you have saved $300 since the election by taking your shopping elswhere? Really???

That's a very impressive figure because it means you have spent $30,000 in taxable retail purchases in just the 47 days that have elapsed since the election. Then of course you would have to add the cost of fuel and amortized maintenance, insurance, and other costs for your vehicle when traveling. I imagine you got something to eat while you were shopping out of town as well, so we better add that cost. And since you value your opinion so highly, you must similarly value your time that it took to do all this out of town shopping. I'm sure your time must be worth at least $100 per hour, don't you think?

So everything taken in total, it appears that you spent something on the order of several thousand dollars so that you would be able to make the silly claim that you saved $300 by shopping elsehwere. Brilliant, I say, absolutely brilliant!!!

saved $300

At the current tax rate of 6% in Sheridan County, wouldn't the tax on $30,000.00 be 1,800.00?
Seems like a savings of $300.00 based on 6% would mean a total outlay of $5,000.00.
Or maybe my caluculator needs a new battery...
And, if shopping was done on-line, there wouldn't be any travel involved.
Just a thought.

This discussion started over

This discussion started over the optional 1% tax that was renewed in November. If they are talking about the difference between a 5% and 6% tax, Zebra and Goat (what's with the zoo here?) are correct, and the person would have to spend $30,000 to see a difference of $300. The bottom line depends on what tax the person actually payed where they shopped.

Well then thanks to those

Well then thanks to those who arent supporting our local people and their jobs. I am happy to shop here in Sheridan to help our community.


You've spent $30000 shopping since November 2nd??

This is to the decision

This is to the decision makers in the community. Speak to the chemist's in your area. If you combine Hydrofluorosicic Acid ( the most commonly used fluoride additive) with Hydrochloric Acid ( Stomach Acid) the result is Fluoricic Acid. This is one of the strongest (most aggressive) acids known to science. This acid is going to wreak havoc on the intestinal and stomach lining. What you are wanting to do is put a phosphate waste product into your childs drinking water. Go to chemistry site's, and first year chemistry books and educate yourself on fluorine. It is the unstable atom of the fluoride ion. Unstable, meaning it takes from any other atom in the body to balance itself out. Another thing, if fluoride is so safe then why are the toothpaste manufacturers recommending on the label that if you ingest more than a pea size dose contact poison control. I'm rambling. Please study this before you commit to adding any acids to your water.
Thanks for listening.
Alfred D. Carrelli

Alfred D. Carrelli

Mr. Carrelli, I could barely

Mr. Carrelli,
I could barely stand reading that. It was terribly wrong. I am sorry that that is what your first year chemistry book said(not to mention what year it was published...), however that is simply not the case. Please don't ramble about things you have no comprehension of.

The above post from Alfred

The above post from Alfred D. Carrelli is utterly incorrect at so many levels. Even the most basic research on a search engine such as Google will show that his statements are completely wrong and presumably posted here only to inflame and spread fear amongst readers.

another basic search on google

Obviously Mr. Speed Goat, per your other comment on the more recent Fluoridation article, you get a lot of YOUR information by doing "basic google searches."

S. Mercer, Sheridan

S. Mercer, Sheridan

Freedom Issue

Like so many issues that arise, it's really a simple issue of "Force or Freedom." It's a choice we make, but it's only a "choice" if we don't "force" flouride into the water system.

Some want more flouride, some don't. If we add flouride to the municipal water system, then all must ingest it. Those not wanting flouride have their freedom of choice denied.

However, if we Don't put more flouride in the water, then those objecting to it have their right to choose upheld and those wanting more flouide in them are free to go buy flouride toothpaste, mouthwash and ingest as much as the so choose.

Everyone's freedom to choose is maintained, but only when we opt for freedom and not force.

It's the same logical arguement that points out the stupidity of all bans and gov't imposed actions. You don't like beer, then you should choose not to drink it. Think brushing with flouride is good, then waltz on down to the market and have at it.

We should all have our rights to freedom protected by gov't, not violated by it.

Keep your choices about beer, taxes, codes and water contaminents to yourself and leave the rest of us alone!

It's called freedom and it will be defended.

Oh and many of us are actively not paying the one percent not shopping. There are Unintended consequences of imposing on your neighbors.

One percent of nothing is still nothing.

Give me Liberty or....

Give me Liberty or....

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