Five Seek Clerk's Seat

The Sheridan County Clerk's Office is located on the first floor of the newer section of the courthouse.

Five Sheridan County residents have submitted Letters of Intent to the Sheridan County Republican Party to indicate interest in filling the Sheridan County Clerk seat left vacant late last month after the death of Audrey Koltiska.

The deadline to submit the letters was last Friday, and at tonight's general session at the Sheridan College C-Tel Presentation Hall, Rene Botten, Dave DeBolt, Kurt Layher, Linda St. Clair and Eda Thompson will each be given an opportunity to explain why they feel they would be a good replacement.

As Kathy Coleman, Chair of the Sheridan County Republicans told us last week, they will also take nominations from the floor before heading into Executive Session to elect three candidates. Those three will then be submitted to the Sheridan County Commission to consider.

Tonight's meeting begins at 6 pm and is open to the public; however, the Executive Session will only be open to Precinct men or women, and to those holding a proxy.


So the city, county and state of Wyoming are having financial concerns, so they are laying people off.

Why doesnt Sheridan County hire someone that already works for the county? I am sure the county can spread out tasks evenly among the other staff to release a one person from thier position.

Would this not keep spending under control and allow more control over office politics and BS. In other words use the resources you have. You cant tell me that there is not one person in that office that is not qualified for the position. I doubt that person would even have to be retrained for that job.

All these entities having finance shortages, why dont they do something about it? Like hire internal.


Hi, Damian. Thank you for your post.

The County cannot just move someone into the County Clerk's position from their employee pool, because it is an elected position. State statute strictly outlines the protocol for replacing an elected seat of government that has been vacated, and in this case, because Audrey Koltiska had been a registered Republican, the Sheridan County Republican Party was charged with following the process.

Certainly, any of the current employees within the County were welcome to submit a Letter of Interest, but the process still needs to be followed to fill that elected seat.

I hope this helps in your understanding.


Mary Jo

unfair to candidate


Why do people feel the need to slam others rather than step up to the plate. If you don't like the candidates why did you not write a letter on intention yourself? Too often the citizens of Sheridan slam who ever is trying to make a difference rather than doing the right thing. If you don't like the candidate step up and try to make the difference yourself! Mr. DeBolt has contributed a great deal of time and experience to sheridan and whether his wife works for the County has nothing to do for it. Are you going to slam him for being on the school board and having children in the schools? At least he and the others take a vested interest in Sheridan can you say the same? stop bashing others and start working towards a change.


Mayor Max Debolt ushered in

Mayor Max Debolt ushered in enough problems during his reign that sheridan is still paying for them.The only way to make debolts terms as mayor look good,is to compare him to kinskey. We don't need anymore.

RJones, I hope that if you

RJones, I hope that if you have children, that the public doesn't hold it against them that they have you as a parent! Anyone in the public eye is well aware that no matter what they do, they can not please everyone. It is apparent in reading the number and content of the comments you submit to Sheridan Media that you have nothing but unpleasant comments to make about everyone and everything.

That's the problem with

That's the problem with knowing who the players are.Max pulled enough Kinskey esque games during his terms,that you can bet the apple didn't fall far from the tree with his kid.

I guess we can then assume

I guess we can then assume that your father also wasted a great deal of his time spewing vitriol, complaining about everything while offering solutions to nothing.

It is so unfortunate that

It is so unfortunate that there are some members of the Sheridan Community that make uncalled for and uninformed comments against others in the Community that are stepping up to the plate to make a difference. Mr. David DeBolt ran for and was successful in being elected to two terms on the District 2 School Board. He ran and was not successful in seeking a State Leg. seat against a qualified and experienced individual in Mr. John Patton. Mr. DeBolt and Mr. Patton are good friends. What have you done RJones, besides slam people such as Mr. DeBolt and Mr. Landon who are trying to make a difference? Right or wrong, all people can do is their best. It's only those that critize, yet are not willing to put themselves on the line that are the real losers! I guess there always has to be some members of the public like you. To his credit, Mr. DeBolt serves the community by volunteering on several Boards and organizations. He is an intelligent and hard working individual who cares about his community. I believe that Mr. DeBolt and the other 4 members of the community deserve the respect of this community in stepping up to plate. Yes, one will win and four will lose, but they are all good people trying to make a difference in the community. While we may not always agree with those that are elected in this community, but show them some respect!

That's just what sheridan

That's just what sheridan needs is Dave Debolt in there.Then he and his wife can both be on the county payroll.He couldn't get elected through popular vote,so he's hoping the BOC will appoint him to an elected position.

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