First Day Of Classes At Sheridan College May Be Pretty Stressful

Sheridan College is setting records for the number of students enrolled this year. There will be a more than 25 percent increase in students attending their first classes today, yet the Northern Wyoming Community College District had to cut their budget by nearly 10 percent this year. Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Mark Englert says it’s going to be a struggle.

Not only will the college have to find the room but there remains the question of who will teach the extra students?

Englert says the increase is a nice problem to have but that has also put students in a bind as waiting lists for some classes are extremely long. Students on waiting lists are encouraged to attend the first session of those classes. There are usually registered students who do not show up or have dropped the class.

Gillette College will have an even bigger problem as enrollments are up nearly 40 percent there.

The District has no plans at this time to limit the number of students and the administration believes that they should provide access to education for all.

Today is the first day of classes for Sheridan College and Sheridan County School District 2, as well.

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