Fire By Sheridan Memorial Hospital

Small Fire
Small Fire

Sheridan Fire-Rescue was dispatched Thursday around noon to a fire by Sheridan Memorial Hospital. Fire Marshal Brian Songer:

He says the fire was approximately 50-square feet and that the cause of the fire is not known.

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Maybe the firefighters

Maybe the firefighters should have waited for the fire to grow so large it burned down Mr. Spank Him's 50-sq foot bathroom.

Enough of picking on Fire

Enough of picking on Fire and Rescue, they are required to respond to all calls! Besides how much screaming would there be (rightfully so) if this small fire had gotten out of control?

Curiously Resentful

How fortunate for M. Spankhim that the SFR doesn't get to pick and choose to which calls they respond, because they might think twice about answering one for him. As I see it, they are paid to do a job, regardless of whether you think it's too high, and they did it. What's the problem?


Recently the International Association of Firefighters completed a study that resulted in recommendations that 4 firefighters per fire engine is neccessary.
After retiring from abt. 30 years as a firefighter and Fire Lieutenant one becomes aware of the inadequacies of a volunteer fire department. How many would like to respond during the day and use about 1-2 hours on a house fire? Volunteers work at some time and if they work during the day who would be able to go. If you work in the evening and night would you want to spend that time disturbing your sleep before work. With a volunteer fire department do you know IF someone would come. It has happened that no one showed up, inadequate personnel or everyone went to the fire and no one got te fire engine. Firefighters are paid to be available, train (sometimes paying for it), be up to date in in current fire procedures.
In response to the comment on loss of property from a fire. Most homes that catch fire in Sheridan are older homes, built w/o codes and renovated numerous times. That leaves void spaces and double roofs as well as other potential hazards that hinder extinguishing the fire.
History shows that firefighters die up to 10 years earliert
than non-firefighters due to the result of smoke inhalation and stress. Why shouldn't they be compensated for their risks.
Just a thought.

Lets not start bashing

Lets not start bashing volunteer fire fighters now. In this country, 86% of all fire departments are volunteer or mostly volunteer and over 72% of all fire fighters in this country are volunteer. They do the same things as career fire fighters, with the same training and dedication, without the pay. They make the same sacrifices, including loss of life, as carreer fire fighters.

Let's be thankful for, and supportive of, both the career and volunteer fire fighters in our community.


Did you know that after only 20 (TWENTY years!) that they can retire? And we pay them 75% of what they made? They also get a cost of living adjustment also! These are same bums thatone of which was busted for steal meds from an old womans home!
Do these firemen ever really save anybody? WHO? WHEN?
Have they ever saved a structure? Heck must of the time they cause more in damage with water! By the time they get though "playing" it is a total mess!
They have better insurance, better retirement, and make way more than they what they provide! Cut cost, lower my taxes, and get rid of the wa$te!
What is wrong?

What is wrong?

Did you know?

Mr. Spankhim,

Did you know that under the State of Wyoming retirement system in place since 1981, full-time professional fire fighters can retire at 70% of their salary with 25 years of service? Any less years reduces their benefits. Cost of living adjustments are not guarenteed and are based on the availability of funds in the retirement system.

Please get your facts straight. Maybe if you were correctly informed, you might have a different opinion.

Have you ever considered spending a day with SFR to actually see what they do instead of firing pot shots at them? I'm sure they would be more than happy to have you visit.


when i was in the military the public would complain bout our pay, our free medical care, free dental care, and retirement plan. funny,,, right after 9/11 people stoped complaining......

Why don't you respond to any

Why don't you respond to any of my comments? I agree with Mr. Sission, I think we are all tired of listening to you rant about something you know nothing about. You childishly continue to throw out accusations that are inaccurate – get your facts straight before you come to such quick conclusions. Do you hate the police department just as much or are you just a want-a-be firefighter and a little jealous.

It's not fair to take the

It's not fair to take the actions of one individual and claim that it is representative of the entire organization.

What is wrong? Perhaps it's your attitude.

I'm getting a little tired of the sound of this drum beating. You've made your case and it's obvious you have little to no support from the other users... time to move on.

Move on

Time to move on is right...thanks Steve

Yeah, lets just forget about this and sweep it under the rug?

Am I wrong for stating my belief? I'll bet the fireman's UNION is behind most of the comments on this page, I know thay are a tight bunch of guys tring to protect their jobs and all, but......
I ask again, What structures, and or lives, have they saved?
Who pays for the Fire Games in Virgina that they will probably go to? What if the get hurt back there? Then what? Who pays? Are they getting paid for that vacation back there?

What is wrong?

I think you've made your

I think you've made your point as clearly as it can be made. You have a right to state your opinion, which you have repeatedly done on this topic. From the responses, it appears virtually nobody else agrees with you. Repeating your opinion over and over is not going to persuade them. It's time to move on to another topic.

Mr. Spankhim, You’re

Mr. Spankhim,
You’re juvenile in your thoughts that having a complete volunteer fire department will resolve SO many money issues for the city. SFR is always ready to respond to a call. Does anyone know their average respond time? I’m thinking under 3 minutes. A volunteer department needs to respond to their station and then wait until enough people arrive to respond to the incident. I’ve personally have almost been hit by a Goose Valley volunteer recklessly going to the station; he wasn’t cautious of his surrounds while driving. I have nothing against the volunteer departments and I feel they fulfill a vital role to our county, but that is it, to the county. Having professional career firefighters responding to city calls is better organized and effective. Do you realize that having a city fire department keeps our housing insurance lower? Besides that do you understand what all the fire department does for us? Where would all of our expecting parents go for car seat tech? Who would supply and check all the fire extinguishers to our city offices? Who would check our street fire hydrants? When water run off gets high, which it did this year, who else is trained in swift water rescuing? Who do the highway and police departments call for vehicle extraction? A professional fire department is essential for this town, no cost argument can hold up to that - Plus Dave Kinsey is a business man, if they are really such a cost to the city I’m sure he would have cut them a long time ago with all the budget issues we’ve had.

Congrats on the Combat Challenge guys! You did extremely well to qualify for worlds and you will represent yourselves and this city well!

The Union is what keeps the

The Union is what keeps the mayor from doing away with the current fire department structure.Kinskeys not that good of businesman or else he wouldn't have allowed a PR consultant to be paid $229 a day.Jim Wilson got us into the mess we're in by allowing Bob Simmons to talk him into combining fire and ems.Bob of course was a sheridan fire fighter,interested in building his own taxpayer funded kingdom.

The cost of higher insurance is still cheaper for the taxpayer,then paying for wages,medical,retirement and various other benefits for an over inflated fire department.

We should keep a fire department that is 4X larger today then it was 15 years ago,because of car seats? The PD,SO and HP can properly install car seats and do.

Private fire fighting supply companies routinely contract with cities to inspect extinguishers a fraction of the cost of an over inflated fire department.

Fire hydrants are checked and flushed by city utility workers.

Well said

Well said Bateman. Sheridan Fire/Rescue is a well trained, professional goup of individuals that serve a VITAL role in our community. Having not only dealt with these guys professionaly, but as someone who has needed their help, I say thank you for ALL you do. Keep up the great work. Congrats to Greg, Seth, Kyle, Brookes, and Andy. Awsome job guys!


once someone calls 911 and request the FD i dont think they can say Naw its not big enough!

Give them credit when credit

Give them credit when credit is due. They responded to a dispatched call. The fire was near a residential area. Their fast response and control of the small fire prevent a much larger incident from occurring. Has anyone watch what is happening near LA when wildfires get out of control? The SFR acted professionally and compentently to do the job they are hired to do. At least give them that much credit.

Gillette has a paid staff of 24 fire fighters and officers, as well as over 100 volunteer fire fighters. Casper has a completely paid department. Both would have responded exactly as SFD did.

Lower Taxes, cut spending and waste! Duh?

FIFTY SQUARE FEET! (5 FOOT by 10 FOOT!) What do the average firemen make in this city? And we pay their medical? And retirement? WOW........ What do they do, chase 50 sq. ft. fires? Have they ever saved a building, let alone a life? I say go all Volunteer, lower taxes, cut the waste, get real! What age do these clowns get to retire at? Anybody? Is it like Soc. Sec.? For me it is 67.5! years. Get rid of the overpaid bums, slash the budget, and lower my taxes!
What is wrong?

What is wrong?


Your taxws would not be adjusted by changing the fire department. It only changes commercial, not residential.


Insults come from ignorance not knowledge.


911 gets call about a grass fire.
911 dispatches fire department.
Fire department responds and puts out fire.
Problem-none that I can see.
They get paid to put out fires, a fire was burning, they put it out, they did what they get paid to do.
I don't have a clue what you do for work but, let's say you have a slow day and there isn't much going on, do you tell your employer to withhold a percentage of your pay because you really weren't all that busy that day?

Did you want them to wait

Did you want them to wait until it was bigger? Why are you fixated on the size of the fire? The point is it was a fire. They responded and put the fire out.

It is obvious that you have a poor opinion about SFR but don't bad mouth some one just for doing their job.

Burr under saddle

it is obvious you have a burr under your saddle for the fire department. But, remember someday they might be the one's that saves your life or family members or home.
Even if we went volunteer, the city/county will not lower your taxes, they will just find something else to spend it on.
Maybe you should publish your real name and address so the fire department can X you off the list when that 911 call does come in.

Most fires start small

How large could this one have become had it not been quickly extinguished?


They got to this fire and put it out before it burned 50 square feet! GIVE ME A BREAK! They must have been been going faster than the federal deficiet!
No people....... FIFTY SQUARE FEET! THINK ABOUT IT! (Smaller than most peoples bathroom!)
We pay these people 60K/yr. medical & dental. We also pay thier RETIREMENT!
My guess is that the fire (50 sq. ft.) was m o v i n g
v-e-r-y S-L-O-W-L-Y! and that it didn't have any fuel to burn, hence 50 (FIVE OH!) SQUARE FEET! Hardly news.......
Get an all volunteer fire department! Lower my taxes!How much did it cost the tax payers for last weeks "Fire Games!?" (I heard it was all a bunch of beer drinking afterword anyway!)

What is wrong?

What is wrong?

You obviously have some sort

You obviously have some sort of ax to grind when it comes to SFR, but I don't see any fault in their actions. You really should be directing your complaints to the person who called it in. I'm sure that the fact that it was near the hospital was a factor in their decision to call.


the entire city is only 100 sq ft... it could have became the Chicago Fire! OK a little levity here


Lets do the math on putting out that fire! 50 sq ft.......
Probably $1000.00 Sq in.! Get real! What do they do in Gillette or Casper? You are overpaid, and underworked!

What is wrong?

Gillette would use their

Gillette would use their volunteer fire department for a fraction of the cost.

Mr. Spankhim again...

Seriously... I'm pretty sure you throwing a temper tantrum here. Who knows why, and not sure what you have against SFR but Sheridan Media shouldn't be a place for you to hide behind your words and put those gentleman down. I've been around those guys for a day before and I can attest to the fact that they aren't as overpaid and underworked as some of other city employees I've been around. Why do you want to lose the fire/rescue department and please try having an adult conversation about this.

I don't think SFR dispatched

I don't think SFR dispatched themselves to the fire. Someone called it in, right?

Thank you SFR for serving Sheridan!

Mr. Spankhim (real professional name) sounds like you need a medal yourself for being able to complete math like that. What do you have against SFR? They were simply following protocol on their respond. I’d rather them be over prepared for a situation then under; because you obviously would have just shown up and tried to urinate on it because it’s no bigger than your bathroom. And Mr. Smith - what would Rocky Mountain Ambulance do at a fire; they’d be useless they’re an ambulance service. I’m disgusted people are using this posting as an opportunity to bash SFR without cause.
Thank you SFR for serving Sheridan!

The point is you should

The point is you should always call Rocky Mountain Ambulance and help save yourself and the city money.

And the point is?

50 Sq. Ft..........
Wow! Like that is smaller than my bathroom (5x10 for you math wizards out there) How many Fire Trucks were called?
Hey, maybe we should give them all medals for being heros for doing something that they were actually paid quite well to do!

What is wrong?

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