Fee Increases At Kendrick Golf Course?

City Council approves fee increases at Kendrick Golf Course, but not till next year.
City Council approves fee increases at Kendrick Golf Course, but not till next year.

The Sheridan City Council voted to implement a 3% fee increase at Kendrick Municipal Golf Course over a three year period; however, the fee raise won't go into effect until the 2011 season. The fee increases will take some of the load off of the City's general fund, in particular any future capital improvement projects at the golf course. Councilor John Bigelow.

City Staff will work on incentives to try and bring more people to the golf course on slower days, such as Monday's and Tuesday's. The Council also approved four out of the five fee waiver requests that were brought before them. The only request that was not approved was from the Sheridan Area Rural Fire Protection District, who was seeking a $16,000 fee waiver request in plant investment fees for a new building at the Sheridan Airport Business Park.

City Public Works Director Nic Bateson says that the monies budgeted specifically for fee waiver requests will most likely not be included in the upcoming budget for the fiscal year.

The Council approved $4,559 in fee waivers and $16,900 in property abatement at 1135 and 1109 Crook Street. The property, owned by John Pruitt will be purchased by the City for $58,000, which will be paid for by optional one-cent funds earmarked for affordable housing. The property will be granted to Habitat for Humanity for possible expansion of their ReStore facility and to further expand their affordable housing mission.

Thanks for fixing the

Thanks for fixing the article Ron,the $76K all coming from fee waiver accounts didn't make any sense.

Something else that doesn't

Something else that doesn't make any sense,is using optional 1% sales tax at $16k to have pruitts property cleaned up,then pay him $58k from optional 1% and then turn around and hand the property over to Habitat for Humanity.

Why should the taxpayer of sheridan be responsible for purchasing a property that's being given away to a nonprofit?

The abatement is being handled by Wyoming Demo. owned by Randy Warnke.Ron is there any evidence that this abatement contract was awarded through a standard bidding process? I don't recall any discussion during the council meeting pertaining to how this contract was bid or how Wyoming Demo was chosen..

Just to clarify

RJones, I just wanted to clarify that the $16k for the property abatement is coming from the abatement fund, not the one-cent sales tax. The $58k for the purchase of the two properties is one-cent that was earmarked for affordable housing, which from what was said at the meeting, is what Habitat will be using one of the locations for, the other is going to be an expansion of their ReStore facility. As to your question, I'm not sure if it was contracted through a standard bidding process, and since the agreement was done between staff and Mr. Pruitt's attorney, I'm not even so sure it had to follow the normal bidding procedures. Either way, I'm sure the City crossed their T's and dotted their I's before making this public. Also, I don't recall hearing at the meeting what the bidding process was that lead to Wyoming Demo receiving the contract for the cleanup.

Thank You

Thanks for bringing it to my attention!


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