Federal Stimulus Funds Make Up NWCC Shortfalls

Northern Wyoming Community College District
Northern Wyoming Community College District

The Northern Wyoming Community College District Board of Trustees adopted their budget for the '10-'11 fiscal year Wednesday. Administration Vice President Cheryl Heath says this year's operating budget, which is just over 22-million, incorporates tuition, state appropriations and the 4-mil assessment received from Sheridan County:

She says they do have federal stimulus funds coming in for some maintenance projects and also for enrollment growth:

And if the state budget can not fund them?

The operating budget for the college district is over 22-million, while the total budget is roughly 48.7-million. Last year's operating budget was just over 21-million.

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oh yes this is uptopia! i dont mind supporting education however i do object lining the pockets of administrators.
secondly, next time some one decides to fly a plane into and building, call a college student.

Silver, not negative just a realist. How bout you not drink the sheridan koolaid and open you eyes

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This thread has drifted way off topic. If you wish to continue this discussion I suggest you start a topic in the Open Forum.

I don't mind tax money going

I don't mind tax money going to schools, money spent on education is money well spent. I think a college graduate is a lot more valuable to this country than a bomb dropped in pakistan. However I do expect that money to be well spent, and salaries of high ranking officials to be kept to approperiate levels.

Community College

Where are you sadbuttrue? Community Colleges, Public Schools, etc. are supported by taxes (shore up, as you call it)!! We happen to be very lucky in this community, to have entrepeneurs who donate millions so that our Community College has much more available than most of the like institutions in towns of our size. Quit being so negative & "put upon" about every subject. There are some wonderful things happening in our world!!



tax payers are expected to shore up your school? how bout cutting some salaries and i dont mean of the admin folks. how bout make the salaries there public starting with the president????????? its my money, love to see how it is being spent

Aren't you moving soon?

Aren't you moving soon?


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