Federal Official Tours Wyoming Beetle-Killed Trees

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - The federal official in charge of the U.S. Forest Service says it's clear that bark beetles pose a significant challenge to Wyoming forests and that his agency needs to work with the state to address the problem.

Harris Sherman is undersecretary for natural resources and the environment with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Sherman toured western Wyoming on Tuesday with Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal. They flew over forests ravaged by beetles and visited with local and federal officials about the problem.

Wyoming is pushing for its share of $40 million in addition funding that the Forest Service announced this month it will funnel to Rocky Mountain states where the beetles have killed more than 2 million acres of trees.

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Before you toss the

Before you toss the "environmentalists" under the bus, you might want to give some thought about why the environmentalists were allowed to win that fight.. In doing so it served one agenda, and that was to turn America into a service base economy. So I have to ask, do you want to give the "environmentalists" credit for doing something that politicians have been pushing for the past 40 years ? IMHO the environmentalists are nothing more then pawns who stepped up to take a punch in the face.. The concept of working to preserve the environment is sound, but guess who stepped in to twist it.. It's called how to hijack a movement and use it to your advantage..

"preserve the environment"

Your words exactly. Does "preserve the environment" include turning the forest into a fire-blackened wasteland? You really need to tour Southern Wyoming/Northern Colorado forests. Thousands of acres of dead and dying timber is not attractive at all. Something needed to be done decades ago to at least slow the spread of the beetles. The Forest Service tried to get it logged out but was stopped through the court system. To me, an environmentalist is one who truly cares for the forest and works to improve it, not one who wants to allow nature to take its course. That area has a lot of old clearcut acreage that is now covered by healthy growth. The areas that have never been cut or tampered with are now huge stands of dead and dying trees just waiting for an ignition of any kind.

I agree with a lot of what

I agree with a lot of what you said. If it were up to me I would say burn it, not log it.. logging does NOT address the infestation. Also I don't see why 40 million in tax payer money needs to be spent on a logging operation that should turn a profit..


Millions of dollars wasted "studying" something that logging would/could have taken care of. Why not sue the very people that got logging stopped, shut down sawmills, killed the economy in many small towns? Oh wait, the so-called 'environmentalists have more money and high-dollar lawyers than the people now out of work.


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