Federal judge rules for Wyoming in wolf lawsuit

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Federal judge rules for Wyoming in wolf lawsuit

A federal judge says the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service was wrong to refuse to turn management of gray wolves over to the state of Wyoming. Judge Alan B. Johnson of Cheyenne on Thursday ordered the federal agency to consider again whether Wyoming's wolf management plan would be adequate to meet federal recovery goals for wolves. Environmental groups and others have criticized the Wyoming plan for specifying that wolves would be classified as predators that could be shot on sight in most areas. The Wyoming plan would protect wolves only in the northwestern part of the state. Concerns over Wyoming's plan recently prompted a federal judge in Montana to strip Idaho and Montana of their authority to manage
their own wolf populations.


Very nicely put coledigger! Thank you for your thoughtful commentary, I couldn't have said better!

The Feds need to be stopped!

They told us that they wanted 300 breeding pairs, they got that plus over 1000 more. They told us that they would only be in Yellowstone, they have spread to over 6 states. They live on the East coast, I would be willing to bet most of them have no clue about the lifestyle in Wyoming. With the elk and moose kills on the newborns, the herds are shrinking. There will be a time when they will decide that elk and moose are endangered and cut back or even ban the hunting. I think that Idaho had the right idea, ignore wolf management. Let the people that have to deal with them decide what to do with them. I sometimes wonder how many of those rich wolf activists actually live in the country or if they are all clueless city dwellers. A lot of good could have been done with the money spent on wolves but instead we got yet another taxpayer liability.


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