FCC Considers "Rules of the Road" for the Internet

The Federal Communications Commission today meets to map out "rules of the road" for the Internet. The commission is considering net neutrality rules that would prevent companies that operate the broadband network, such as AT & T and Comcast, from slowing or blocking content on the World Wide Web.

Tim Karr with SaveTheInternet.com says equal access to the Internet is important for a healthy democracy.

Karr says the United States has fallen behind other developed countries with nearly 40% of Americans lacking a high-speed Internet connection.

Amalia Deloney with MAG-Net, a grassroots network of media justice advocates, says net neutrality is about increasing access to the Internet, not allowing management policies with the potential to be restrictive.

The new rules the FCC is considering would forbid service providers from blocking access to lawful traffic of their competitors' sites, and require transparency about their management policies. Karr says without net neutrality, the Internet could fall prey to the companies that deliver Internet services. Opponents say the new regulations would hinder further Internet development.

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There is a really good

There is a really good article over at Ars Technica


I wish more end users /

I wish more end users / customers would get involved in supporting net neutrality. Not understanding this now, will cost customers later. Once the network providers get a foot hold they will find a way to turn it into higher sales. I work in this industry, and already see daily how the network providers are trying to make money on both ends. People also have to understand that "net neutrality" is somewhat of a smoke screen. Looking at it from the OSI point of view, net neutrality has to do with layer 4, but is what the network providers REALLY what to control is bandwidth used at layer 1 and layer 2.


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