False Alarm At Airport

At approximately 4 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, crews with Sheridan Fire-Rescue were called out to a potential problem at the Sheridan County Airport. Captain Mike Miller gives us the details of the incident.

Miller said that Sheridan Fire-Rescue has an agreement with the Airport to assist their firefighting team when, and if any emergencies occur.

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Similar thing happened in Rawlins, WY

Years ago a DC3 was flying across the Southern part of Wyoming when one engine started having problems. The pilot notified Flight Service that he was diverting to land in Rawlins, no emergency declared at all. When the pilot taxied up to the main gate, he was met by the Fire Department and ambulance crew. He asked what was going on to cause all of the excitement and when they told him he laughed. He also told them no emergency had been declared and that the DC3 flew just fine on one engine considering it was totally without any load of any kind.

Radio Conversation

Everyone should be aware that the Great Lakes Aviation did not call Sheridan-Fire Rescue team. The manajer and Great Lakes and the pilot had a conversation over the radio about whether the landing gear was functional or not (one indicator said it was working and the other didn't). She then had the plain do a fly by so that she, herself, could check the landing gear. Everything was fine and in working order. Again, over the radio she gave the pilot the go-ahead to land (this was the exact directions given to her by her superior about how to handle the situtation). The plain was landing and everything was in complete working order and it was no big deal. All of a sudden ambulances and rescue vehicles started zooming onto the airstrip (including John Stompka in his company vehicle). But there was abviously nothing wrong.
One must wonder, how in the world did they know something was going on? Oh wait... someone is listening into their radio transmitions. I wonder where in Stompka's job description it says he must listen into Great Lake's radio transmition.


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