Extremely Cold Weather Can Expose Us To Silent Killer

Temperatures for the past several days have been extremely cold. We bundle up to go outside and make sure our homes and offices are completely sealed to retain heat. While it does keep us warmer, it also decreases ventilation in our homes. That makes conditions right for exposure to carbon monoxide gas. According to Sheridan Fire Marshal Brian Songer carbon monoxide is invisible, odorless and potentially deadly.

Exposure to the gas can create flu-like symptoms in people and prolonged exposure, or exposure to high concentrations can kill in minutes.

The first step in preventing exposure, is knowing when the gas is present. Every home should have at least one carbon monoxide detector. Sheridan Fire-Rescue has sensitive equipment for detecting the gas and they will help check your home at your request. Make sure that all portable heating devices are used according to the instructions. Never use your oven to heat your home and consider electric heaters if extra portable heat is necessary during extreme cold.

For more complete information about carbon monoxide Click Here!

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