EPA Wood Stove Advice

Don't let your energy dollars go up in smoke.
Don't let your energy dollars go up in smoke.

WYOMING NEWS SERVICE, Cheyenne, WY - “Old Man Winter” is hanging on in Wyoming this year, and folks who depend on wood burning for heat may need to purchase a few extra cords. The EPA is offering tips about how to use wood supplies more efficiently and safely.

Alison Davis is with the EPA's Office of Air Quality and Standards. She says it is important to check wood for proper seasoning before burning it; wood needs to be kept dry for at least six months before using it as fuel. A simple way to test if the wood is ready is to knock two pieces together.

In addition to burning the right wood, Davis says you can save money by keeping your fire small and really hot. Also, be sure to have stoves and other burning appliances serviced every year.

Davis adds that it is best to burn hard wood, such as maple or oak, although that can be in short supply in Wyoming. She's also spreading the word about the extension of federal tax credits available through the end of this year to help offset the cost of a new, more efficient wood stove.


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