Enzi Supports Deficit Reduction Commission Recommendations

Enzi Supports Deficit Reduction Commission Recommendations

People are split—including the commission team itself—over the final proposals of the bi-partisan “deficit commission.”
The 18 member commission, which is co-chaired by former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson, was charged with developing a plan to get the nation's fiscal house in order by reducing the escalating debt.
The final proposal includes both sharp spending cuts and tax increases. The plan includes measures such as ending certain tax breaks, including the popular home mortgage deduction. It would also sharply cut federal spending by reducing the federal work force, raising the retirement age for full Social Security benefits, make cuts in Medicare, eliminate “earmarks,” and reduce Defense Department spending.
The plan ultimately only gained support of 11 of the 18 members, and needed at least 14 in order for the entire proposal to go before Congress. Still, Congress has the option of taking the plan up, although it has already received a cacophony of criticism from both the left and the right. However, Wyoming Senior Senator Mike Enzi is not one of those. Though he says that “there are some proposals in the Commission's report that (he) agrees with and others that concern (him)” he also says that “Congress must embark on an even harder task, (and) act on the proposals.” He adds that every change in the plan “will be the enemy of one groups of another, (and) packaging many changes together will multiply the enemies and make passage less realistic.” He says that “this is a serious effort that deserves serious consideration, (and that) partisan bickering and trying to show up the other side contributed to the debt, (and) it's not going to help us get out.
Senator Enzi is a member of the Senate Finance Committee and Senate Budget Committee.

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Cuts in social security

Cuts in social security should only be tolerated after the federal government has repaid every dime it borrowed from the trust fund since it's inception!

With interest!

All of the money plus all of the interest it would have accumulated!

Absolutley, these guys

Absolutley, these guys didn't mind stealing the money from the fund and now balk at paying it back. The elderly shouldn't have to eat cat food and my tax rate shouldn't be 75% because the government can't keep it's hands out of the cookie jar!


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