Enzi Introduces Bill to Protect Knife Owners

Sen. Mike Enzi
Sen. Mike Enzi

One of Wyoming's U.S. senators thinks the laws for knife owners have become too strict.

In a statement released by Sen. Mike Enzi's office, he says it's a free country and that he doesn't believe a person should be arrested for carrying a pocket knife if they're just passing through.

So, he, along with a senator from Utah, who's also Republican, are introducing a bill that would make it legal to carry a pocket knife from one state to another if it's legal in both states. The bill would provide the same protections to knife owners that another bill already does for gun owners who travel across different jurisdictions.

The Knife Owners Protection Act, or KOPA, provides safe harbor to Americans traveling with a knife where it is lawful for the knife to be possessed at both the points of origin and destination, so long as the knife is transported in accordance with specific requirements making them inaccessible during travel. The bill mirrors the protections found in the Firearms Owners Protection Act that Congress passed in 1986 to protect those legally transporting firearms.

Enzi says knives are an essential tool for hunters and various occupations and the right to carry them with you when you're on the road is something that should be protected. He went on to say this is a “common sense provision” that protects responsible knife owners and respects the rules in different jurisdictions.

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