Enzi & Bernake on Long-Term Debt Solution

Enzi & Bernake on Long-Term Debt Solution

A media release from Senator Mike Enzi's office included comments between the Wyoming senator and U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake, who both agree that the U.S. needs to do more to improve its long-term debt situation.

Enzi had this question for Bernake during a recent Senate Budget Committee hearing.

Bernake gave his response.

Enzi has stated that even though there are plenty who say the U.S. needs to stop spending, debt continues to rise. His praise toward the Simpson-Bowels debt commission refers to a bipartisan effort to stop America's debt, released in a December 2010 report.

Enzi has released his own One-Cent Proposal to bring down the debt. According to the release, it would take oe penny out of every dollar the federal government spends for six years and then cap spending at an historical average.


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