Enrollment Numbers Comparisons From JCSD1

Enrollment Numbers Comparisons From JCSD1

At last week's meeting of the Johnson County School District One Board of Trustees, District Business Manager Matt Ramey gave a very preliminary budget report to the board, and also crunched some enrollment numbers over the past five years.

The trend has been a steady increase over the last five years, but a larger increase in kindergarten through grade 3 has been seen as well, which prompted the building of the new Cloud Peak School to accommodate that growth trend.

Ramey said enrollment numbers are constantly in flux and that two months ago the numbers showed slightly higher, but then taper off as the school year draws to a close, a common occurrence each year, according to Ramey.
Total numbers of students in 2009 was 1,196 and in 2013 is 1,273.

A comparison of 2009 and 2013 enrollment numbers:

Meadowlark K-3: 377 in May of 2013, 283 in May of 2009.
Clear Creek Elementary 4-5: 165 in 2013, 148 in 2009.
Clear Creek Middle 6-8: 239 in 2013, 253 in 2009.
Buffalo High School: 336 in 2013, 363 in 2009.
Kaycee K-12: 156 in 2013, 149 in 2009.

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