Energy Efficiency Incentive Could Benefit Wyoming Households

Wyoming News Service, Casper, WY - A new analysis of research on what federal energy efficiency standards would cost families state-by-state, and how much they would save on utility bills, shows the net gain would be more than $300 for the average Wyomingite.

Conservation groups the standards have been saying for months that the move would save money for Wyoming's families. Those against such legislation say it would cost consumers more. Interestingly, both are correct.

Mark Cooper authored the analysis report, and after crunching the numbers of the costs of better appliances and insulation against the price of electricity and natural gas, he found a bottom line savings, with the largest amount of money coming in at a 30% increase in efficiency.

Cooper explains that efficiency is simply a profitable investment.

And he says that states with higher utility costs, like Connecticut, for example, could see savings of closer to $600 a year. He points out that he based his numbers on assessments from federal research and organizations which were not lobbying for or against energy legislation.

"on net you would end up

"on net you would end up with 300 more dollars".... NO.... HOOK LINE AND SINKER people .... Now you know why the energy people are looking to raise rates !!!! They see this coming.. your monthly payments will be the SAME, and you will have been forced to buy these products at a higher price in order to keep your monthly payment down... It's all a game.. Smoke and mirrors, with the media playing its part to pump stuff like this .. IMHO... He says, It is less then consuming the energy at CURRENT prices... I added the current to his comment. thats why the prices are going to CHANGE.. I do agree we need to buy these products, but there isnt going to be any savings 20 years out.. It will just be that the houses who dont buy the products now will be paying for them later via higher energy prices until they are forced to get them..

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