Emergency Response Plan To Be Ratified By Local Entities

Emergency Response Plan To Be Ratified By Local Entities

Johnson County, the City of Buffalo and Town of Kaycee have either been approached or will be soon to ratify the Emergency Response Plan (ERP) drafted by County Emergency Management Coordinator Marilyn Connolly.

The Federal Government is requiring local governments to compile a plan for various emergency scenarios with the cooperation of entities within each city, county, and town to have on-hand in an emergency event, and to have all departments on-board with the plan and each of their responsibilities.

Funding from FEMA is directly tied to compliance with the ERP documentation.

Connolly and Commission Chair Smokey Wildeman discussed the ERP.

Each department head from the police, sheriff, assessor, treasurer and so on will need to sign off on the ERP, and Commissioner Wildeman suggested that Connolly meet with each department head to explain what would be expected of them in any given emergency situation.
Each department head needs to sign off on the ERP before the commissioners sign the document.

Connolly will be taking the ERP to the City of Buffalo at today's meeting.


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