EMC Discusses Power Outage Preparedness At Luncheon

Johnson County Emergency Management Coordinator Marilyn Connolly
Johnson County Emergency Management Coordinator Marilyn Connolly

This week's Buffalo Chamber of Commerce Luncheon featured Johnson County Emergency Management Coordinator Marilyn Connolly as she discussed the community's need to develop a plan to deal with a possible long-term power outage affecting the area.

Connolly said every year the community is required to perform a THIRA, or Threat Hazard Identification Risk Assessment to determine areas that need attention by the community to be prepared for various emergency situations.
This coming year, Emergency Management and the city and county will be focusing on long-term power outages and what needs to be done to prepare for one.

She said she wanted to form a community-based alliance with the goal of having a resiliant community able to sustain itself during moderate to long-term power outages.
With society's increased reliance on technology, the possibility of losing electricity for an extended period is a very real possibility.

She explained the things that could happen during a long-term outage.

She asked those attending and others in the community to offer their individual expertise to help her brainstorm and set up the “Be Ready Alliance to Coordinate for Emergencies” or BRACE, to come up with a plan for the emergency situation.

For those who would be interested, contact Johnson County EMC Marilyn Connolly by stopping by her office at the the County Annex A Building, Suite B, 26 N. DeSmet Ave. in Buffalo; or call (307) 684-2761, or on her cell phone at (307) 217-1879; or by e-mail at emc@nulljohnsoncowy.us.


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