Elks Youth Rodeo

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Tori Reyes taking her goat down.
Tori Reyes taking her goat down.

This past weekend was the Elks Youth Rodeo out at the Sheridan County Fairgrounds. Sheridan Media's Judy Hagerott was there and brings us this story.

Earlier this year a good friend gave us an old horse named Cricket. Now, I will confess I'm not a horse person, never really expected to be. But having a horse-loving thirteen year-old girl in the house changed all that. She wanted to rodeo so the Elks Youth Rodeo seemed like a perfect fit for Tori and Cricket.

I'll tell you, a rodeo can be intimidating. Checking in, I watched as all those fancy rigs began showing up. I mean, RV's that cost more than some homes and horse trailers that look better than some homes and some horses that cost more than some cars.

All I know, is that a mother's work is never done, especially when it comes to rodeos. I asked Traci McCully from Mullen, Nebraska, just what's expected of a rodeo mom.

With four arenas in use, it was hard to figure out who went where and when. Amy Vogel from Sheridan gives this job description of a rodeo mom.

I'll tell you, I was helping bridle and saddle and feeding and watering and brushing and making sure Tori was where she was supposed to be. It was never-ending. Janell Wiese from Shephard, Montana said it's all about lending support.

Sometimes moms yell, I know, I was at that point quite a few times this weekend. Ladelle Brink was there with her daughter Tayle who shared a daughter's perspective.

You just don't back talk your mama. Ladelle just wants the best for daughter.

For me, the rodeo seemed like organized chaos. You had to watch out for cars, horse trailers, horses, and the kids. They were everywhere. Even the horses seemed to be yelling at each other.

Angie Atkinson was another first-time rodeo mom. In fact, her family hauled in Cricket and Tori. What did she think?

I'm sure we'll be doing more rodeos. Tori called me and said they had loaded Cricket and were headed home. I said, “What about her stall that needed cleaning?” Silence. I guess moms do a lot of scooping up poop too. Yeehaw...for Sheridan Media News, this is Judy Hagerott reporting.

The Elks Youth Rodeo is geared for those youth 17 and under. The largest non-affiliated rodeo in the nation, it's one of the last rodeos for the summer and kids head back to school.

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