Electronic Cigarettes: FDA Wants More Regulations

Have you ever heard of "electronic cigarettes?" Also known as "e-cigarettes", they are battery-operated tubes that look like cigarettes and contain nicotine and flavors that can be inhaled without producing smoke. The F-D-A wants to regulate them as drug devices, but some makers call them a safe alternative to smoking.

Not everyone agrees; Oregon is the first state to ban the sale of the e-cigarettes, and some health advocates are calling for Wyoming to follow suit. Dana Kaye is with the American Lung Association.

Kaye says electronic cigarettes do not make nicotine any less addictive, and the F-D-A has found other chemicals in them, including a component of antifreeze called diethylene glycol.

Most of the e-cigarettes come from China, and their health effects have not been thoroughly tested. Two distributors of the products are challenging the F-D-A for confiscating shipments; a court date has been set for August 17th.

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