Election Day Reminders for Wyoming Midterms

Residents can register at the polls for the General Election on November 2nd.
Residents can register at the polls for the General Election on November 2nd.

Tomorrow is General Election Day around the United States, and in Wyoming, several major seats will be decided. The Wyoming Conservation Voters Education Fund has issued some reminders for Wyoming voters, telling us that voter registration is not an obstacle for casting a ballot in the Cowboy State.

The organization's president, Kate Wright, says the state allows eligible voters to register, and then vote, on Election Day by bringing acceptable identification to their polling place. Federal, state and county races are on the ballot, and Wright urges voters not to overlook county-level decisions.

Wright says the people elected to those positions can influence “backyard issues,” such as public safety, trash and recycling, and parks, to name a few.

In Sheridan County, renewal of the Optional One-Cent Sales Tax is a major ballot issue, and officials and organizations have sponsored several public information meetings to educate them about where those monies go.

Wright says another big issue looming over all the races is the future of the state's energy resources, especially the growing market for renewables.

Wright notes that historically, Wyoming voter turnout is higher than other states, but because the population is smaller, races are often decided by just a few votes, and at least one recent tied election was decided by the candidate who drew the winning ticket out of a hat.

Of Course

Of course it passed. The tax-payers opposed to it's re-imposition spoke out and that motivated the tax-eaters to go vote. You're welcome.

Since the tax goes into the general fund and all city/county workers are paid out of the general fund; the tax pays part of their salary. They were motivated to "vote for a living" while the rest of us have to "work for a living."

Also, those getting the concentrated benefits from the tax voted to keep the goodies coming, even at the cost of "imposing" on their neighbors.

The tax will cause declining revenues for the next few years. A backlash from those who resent being imposed upon is coming. One percent of nothing is nothing.

Give me Liberty or....

Oh please, the tax benefits

Oh please, the tax benefits many people that I assure you "work for a living" this tax will help save alot of jobs in our recession. It is obvious that your mentality of this tax is stictly base on the fact that you feel imposed on. There is much more to the tax. If you are so against the tax then I challenge you to not access any of the parks, businesses, etc that use the funds from this tax. You may be surprised at how many businesses do benefit.....or do you even know which businesses do benefit from it? Thank God it was voted on so that the people that have open minds and are willing to help pitch in to help a community as a whole, were able to vote and get it passed again.

And it passed! yay!

And it passed! yay!

Ill be voting YES tomorrow!

Ill be voting YES tomorrow! Yes to helping Sheridan grow!

I completely agree and have

I completely agree and have already gone to the polls and voted YES.


The ballot wording is: Do you want to "Continue to Impose" the one percent tax?

Be fully aware of what you are doing. You are Imposing your will on your friends and neighbors. I guess you know what's best for them, right?

Voting "Against" Re-Imposing this regressive tax on your neighbors makes no claim on them, while voting "For" re-imposition, forces others to pay the tax. It makes a very real claim on the resources of others. Doing so is immoral.

How about this, I won't impose my will on you, If you don't impose your will on me?

Do so, and there are unintended consequences of your imposing actions. Sheridan will not grow with high taxes, during a recession. Economic fact.

Give me Liberty or....

Give me Liberty or....

Good Deal

Well 2-1 the citizens imposed their will on you. Welcome to America where majority rules. That is what our founding fathers wanted. This probably will be the only tax the poor will pay in this entitlement society we have right now and it's only 1 penny at a time. So you better budget your $2500 for the next 4 years!

It kind of goes to show the

It kind of goes to show the mind set of the people in Sheridan. The majority do not give it a second thought about "Imposing their will on friends and neighbors." I am not surprised that it passed.

We had a similar issue on our ballot where I live.. They wanted to impose a tax on all new cars purchased in order to divert the money to trauma centers in the area... Yes, more trauma centers is good, but is it worth additional tax's ? The mind set here was against that additional tax resulting in funding for trauma centers. Notice, the people basically said NO MORE SPENDING.... Keeping a tax in place allows a government to continue under a business as usual policy.. When the voter says no, it FORCES the government to re work how they spend tax payer money..

Tax Cost Education

Education on where the one percent money is spent, never on the costs to the taxpayers. One-sided, biased "education" that resembles propaganda.

Take $1000 from 25,000 taxpayers and you get the $25 million that the fund raises. That's a HUGE extraction from private hands.

The benefits are seen, the true costs are always hidden from the voter, because if we knew the truth, we would never vote to re-impose this onerous, regressive tax, that punishes the poor the most.

Please stop imposing on your neighbors. Let them alone to give as they choose. Stop forced taxation, it's rude.

Give me Liberty or....

Give me Liberty or....


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