Education Period to Commence on Parking Ordinance

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Education Period to Commence on Parking Ordinance
Education Period to Commence on Parking Ordinance

The Sheridan City Council met for their first meeting of December Monday night. Sheridan Media's Ron Richter was there and has more.

City Attorney Allison Ochs and Police Chief Richard Adriaens presented the Council with the current parking ordinance.

During the presentation, Police Chief Adriaens stated that the only problem with the current ordinance is that it hasn't been enforced for over a decade, at the recommendation of the City Attorney some twelve years ago.

After almost an hour of discussion, Council agreed that the current ordinance was sufficient and that a public education period on the ordinance needs to take place. Adriaens comments.

Adriaens stated that he and City Engineer Lane Thompson will continue to work on safety issues regarding the parking regulations that would address large vehicles such as campers and vans that are parked on streets with stop signs.

The issue is drivers not having enough time to slow down for the stop sign due to the height and width of the vehicle blocking their field of vision.

The current ordinance states that a person can park any self-propelled vehicle that they own on the street indefinitely, as long as it's properly licensed and operable and is abutting their property.

The ordinance further states that if the vehicle is not abutting an owner's property, it can only be parked on the street for 48 hours. The same holds true for not-motorized vehicles that are licensed and operable, except for those connected to a motor vehicle. That would be indefinite -- as in the example of a motorized vehicle -- as long as it is parked abutting the person's property.

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