E-books and Their Effect on Traditional Bookstores

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Have e-books made the traditional book a thing of the past?
Have e-books made the traditional book a thing of the past?

E-book technology has been around since the 1970's, but its only recently that the idea has caught on commercially with the marketing of devices that are small enough to fit on one's pocket. Sheridan Stationary Books and Gallery Owner Robby Smith says that the popularity of digital books has certainly had an impact on the traditional bookstores.

So are e-books a fad that will wear off in time? Smith doesn't necessarily think so.

While e-books may be just another sign of the digital revolution that has been underway for a number of years now, Smith points out that it will still be hard to totally replace the traditional book as we have come to know it.

Smith said that a lot of the local and regional books that are self published or published by small companies haven't gone the route of the e-book just yet, which is a good sign for those who still like to turn the page on a good novel. Smith also indicated that she intends to look into the feasibility of offering e-books through her store in the foreseeable future.


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