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Ducky Downs

There were lots of events to take part in, over this past rodeo week and Sheridan Media's Judy Hagerott was at Kendrick Park this last Friday for the annual Kiwanis Duck Race and has this story.

Now, I've been sent out to cover some odd stories, but this one was a dandy. It was the annual Kiwanis Duck Race out at Kendrick Park on Friday. Duck race? I've never been to a duck race so I wasn't quite sure what to expect.

I found some folks sitting in the park with a bunch of little pink, yellow, and blue plastic duckies in a big plastic tub. Must be the right place. After a little bit of explanation, I decided to buy a couple of duckies for the big race.

You see, the Kiwanis folks take these numbered duckies, dump them in the creek at the old bridge in the park and the first duck to cross the finish line at the new bridge wins. I went down to the finish line and found Master Duck Catcher Harlan Rasmussen in the creek with net in hand. So what does a duck catcher do?

And what does the first place duck win?

Now, that's a pretty penny. I went creekside and asked Master Quacker Catcher how he takes care of his ducks.

Aw, come on, the utmost of care for plastic ducks? Now, I'm getting a little bit worried, Harlan, the Quacker Catcher is starting to sound a little bit 'quacky,' especially when it comes to duckie exercise.

So, what do plastic duckies eat?

Okay, Mister Master Quacker, just what else needs to be done to get the duckies ready for race day.

Alright, already, let the race begin. I told Rasmussen I bought two ducks for the race and he was quick to correct me.

Whatever. It seemed like it took forever for those ducks to come down the creek. The first one around was a little pink thing, but it got stuck in slow water along the bank.

There were folks on each side of the creek watching the race. Amazing, but I guess if you bought a ticket you might as well watch the outcome.

A pack of ducks, no, a flock, came around the corner. A pair of mallards had joined them. Now, we have hundreds of duckies and two mallards headed for the finish line, all in one huge bunch. Good luck Mister Duck Catcher on deciding this race.

But then, all of a sudden, this blue little duckie makes a run for it and leaves the rest behind. Duck Catcher nets the little thing and calls out the lucky winner...Judy Hagerott. The dots finally connected and I realize that's me. I just won $500., that's all I can say.

Kiwanis in an international organization whose emphasis is on youth.

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