The Drum And Bugle Corps Will Be Heading To Philadelphia For Independence Day

The 7th Cavalry Drum and Bugle Corps has once again received a very distinguished invitation to take part in a parade next year. Conrad Namtvedt with the Drum and Bugle Corps says that they'll be traveling to the “Birthplace of Freedom” next summer.

The Drum and Bugle Corps will be holding a Philly Fundraiser Kick-off Thursday December 3rd at 7pm at the American Legion Post #7. The goal for the trip to Philadelphia is to raise between $50-60 thousand. For more information, you can call the American Legion at 674-7082.

A Clip of The Corps in Washington DC in 2008

Here is a short clip from the parade in DC of the Drum and Bugle Corps. []


SK, 50-60 THOUSAND ISN'T a misprint or excessive when you spell it out. For 50 PLAYING members; Air, motel, shipping of equipment, transportation costs not associated with air travel (bus) all for 5 days thursday to monday (cheaper days to fly)works out to be between $1k and $1,200 per person, pretty reasonable if you ask me.

RJones, in the last couple of years, we have made some changes to the Corps. One of them is, if you don't show up for practices, you don't play in a parade.

Please feel FREE to contact me for any further clarification and for some positive reinforcement concerning the 7th Cavalry Drum and Bugle Corps

7th cavalry Drum & Bugle Corp

I would like people of the community to know that first off this a great honor for the 7th Cavalry to be invited to Philadelphia. I also want people to understand that this group is an all volunteer group. When they travel to out of town/out of state parades they pay their own expenses, travel, lodging, meals, and gas. So, when they receive money for their attendance it is an added perk, to help defray costs of uniforms, instruments, etc. They don't come cheap. and it is true, the members now have to sign a code of conduct, and they have to attend practices and parades to be able to go to these big events like the upcoming Philly trip. We are very proud of them, as should Sheridan be, they are the ?Best of the West". Hope you can attend the events for fundraising.


.. RJones? Or reality check? Something positive would be a nice change from you... I think it's awesome the Drum and Bugle has this opportunity. What great representation and exposure for Sheridan.

It's no typo.50 to 60k for

It's no typo.50 to 60k for members who never show up any other time to get to go and be on national tv.The same thing happened a couple years ago when they went to DC.


50-60 THOUSAND? Please tell me thats a misprint... Seems a bit excessive...


What a great opportunity for our community to come together and help our musical ambassadors of Sheridan County. I will ONCE AGAIN be contributing to this wonderful event just as i did for their trip to Washington DC

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