Drinking Linked to Holiday Weight Gain

(Photo by Ron Richter)
(Photo by Ron Richter)

This week, Sheridan Media News has explored dietary pitfalls of the holiday season. Sarah Houghton, registered dietitian at Sheridan Memorial Hospital, says that aside from overindulgence at holiday parties and emotional eating, there's one more big issue to address.

In addition to the fact that getting sloppy drunk at your office party can be percieved as socially uncouth, it also means subjecting yourself to a huge caloric influx. Houghton puts a new spin on an old rule about drinking.

A study done in 2000 from the New England Journal of Medicine showed the average American gains only one pound between Halloween and New Year's Day. However, statistically, that weight is never lost, and over the course of a few decades, it equates to significant health risks. The study also showed that while the numbers on the average American scale stay relatively stable throughout the holiday season, body composition changed significantly, and more body weight was attributed to fat, as opposed to muscle.

For more information about staying healthy during the holidays, click here.

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