Downtown Building Code Discussion

The City of Sheridan recently hired PB Communications to work with downtown businesses and City staff on building codes for existing downtown buildings. Thursday night a discussion was held where downtown business owner's were able to voice concerns about the City's current code. Melissa Butcher with PB Communications tells us about some of the issues that were brought up.

Those in attendance also discussed the desire of doing their own remodeling work on a commercial building without having to hire an outside contractor. So what will be done about the issues that were raised at the meeting?

Tentative plans are to schedule a joint workshop with the business owner's and staff with the City of Sheridan.

Carrol Realty
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One area that the city could

One area that the city could use a budget cut in would be PB communications.Why waste money on some subcontractor to talk about something that city staff can fully cover themselves.

Has the city ever done

Has the city ever done anything that you approve of? Why don't you run for mayor if you think you could make better decisions. And do you even live in the city or just work here?

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