Dodson's Plan Includes Solutions for Health-Care Costs

Dave Dodson, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, said over the last few years healthcare costs for Americans have gone up by 300 percent.

He said it now appears that the cost of health care for the average family is going to go up by $2,000 this fall.

Dodson said his plan for Wyoming, a 38-page booklet that is available through his website, contains 11 specific proposals to bring health care costs down. Part of the problem, he said, is that the pharmaceutical industry currently contributes money to 95 out of the country's 100 senators.

Dodson said he wants a rule change that would not allow congress people and senators to accept money from the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

He said currently Medicare, Medicaid, the Department of Defense and the VA all have to pay whatever price is set by the pharmaceutical companies.

Dodson said the rule would be in keeping with others already in place that those in other businesses that do business with the government cannot contribute to politicians because it's a conflict of interest.

Dodson said he's heard too many stories of Wyomingites who are suffering under massive health care costs, and they aren't getting help from Wyoming's current lawmakers.

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