District 2 November Report

All Wyoming students were required by the State to submit varicella vaccination records.
All Wyoming students were required by the State to submit varicella vaccination records.

The November School District 2 Board of Trustees meeting began with two presentations. First, Dana Wyatt and several of her KidWitness News kids discussed their award-winning, totally kid-produced competition piece on Texting that was recently selected to go to a global competition. Since 1992, KWN has won twelve national awards.

Next, Director of Elementary Education, Scott Stults, honored the district's school nurses for the monumental effort they put forth to get all students compliant with varicella records. This was a last-minute state statute that came to all Wyoming schools right before school started, and they had thirty days to get the task accomplished. Stults told us.

Also from the meeting: schematic drawings were on display outside the board room showing the preliminary design for the new Meadowlark Elementary school, using the new Woodland Park school as a prototype.

Assistant Superintendent Tom Sachse presented a more complete report of the spring 2010 PAWS results, including school-specific data. Sachse told the board that he believes the state-level results are approximately correct for most grades, with the exception of 11th grade, where the banked scores from spring 2009 were not incorporated.

However, 3rd through 5th grade results varied about 21 points above the state average; Junior High scores varied 20 to 21 points above state average, and High School scores varied 7 to 12 points above the state average.

And the FY11 Quarterly Financial report shows a $12.3 million cash balance. Total General Fund revenues through September are $42.6 million, with $6.6 million received YTD at 15.49% of the budget received. That leaves $36.0 million of the balance to be received.


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