District 2 Integrates Coding in Studies

Students in Sheridan County School District 2 don't learn computer science as a stand-alone class in technology.

Craig Dougherty, who's the district's superintendent, said computer science – and computer coding – are integrated into all of the student's studies.

He said computer science then becomes a tool for the student's learning. He said the students learn through hands-on activities, by building their programs.

Dougherty said the goal isn't just to create students who do well in Sheridan. The goal, he said, is to create students who can function at high level in a global economy.

Dougherty said the focus of computer science in Sheridan has been to provide students with foundational information about technology but not limiting them..

Dougherty said District 2 students have not only embraced computer science but, in his opinion, have really taken their learning beyond what a lot of students in the entire nation have access to.

Dougherty said technology runs the world, and students who graduate from District 2 need to be as conversant with computers as they are with reading, writing and math, as a basic foundation.


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