Discovery Wilderness Quest Program At Fort Mackenzie High

Fort MacKenzie High School students have shown increased performance in just the first two months of the school year. Fort MacKenzie Principal Laurien Rahimi credits part of that increase to the Discovery Wilderness Quest, which began the year for FMH students.

Students were taken to the Bighorn Mountains every day for the first week of school. The field trips provided unique educational opportunities for teachers and students alike.

After using the Wilderness Quest program this year, discipline problems have fallen dramatically and 98% of all students are maintaining a C average or higher.

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Great job, staff and students! Staff, you're doing a wonderful job of getting to know your students and find out what motivates them to learn. Your students know that you care about them and will do whatever it takes to lead them to be successful learners! Dillio, you should visit the school and get to know the staff.

I'm not positive that having

I'm not positive that having class in the "Bighorn Mountains" was the direct cause of better performance.. Did it inspire the students to learn or was it to inspire and motivate the teachers to do their job ?

But I do agree "great job kids"

I think not just this school

I think not just this school but every school in Sheridan County should take advantage of this. The mountains are a resource that people take advantage of and don't realize the true value that lies up there.

Lessons to be learned up there can never be instructed in schools, good work Fort Mackenzie!

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