Discovery Channel Filming in Sheridan Next Week

Tom Balding
Tom Balding

The Discovery Channel will be in Sheridan next week to film Tom Balding while he makes a custom hand-crafted bit, spurs and buckles.

Balding will be featured on their show 'How it's Made.

Balding, of Tom Balding Bits & Spurs in Sheridan, explained that once the producers of the show saw his work they said that they definitely wanted to come to Sheridan.

Leather crafts by Balding's brother-in-law Wayne Hape will also be filmed, and the show will visit King Ropes to film lariat ropes used in rodeo competition being made, Balding said.

Hape will hand-tool a spur strap, a head stall and a leather belt, according to a release from the Discovery Channel.

All done by hand, creating a bit is a 74-step process, and Balding said he would have liked to demonstrate how to make a saddle but that process takes much longer.

Filming is scheduled for Tuesday September 20, and Balding said it could last about a week.

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