Description Given on Prowler

Description Given on Prowler

We have an update from the Sheridan Police Department on the home entry case that happened Tuesday night in Sheridan. Detective Sgt. Tom Henry explains.

Henry says that the use of the CodeRED alert caused some panic, which was certainly not the intent; rather, they felt it was serious enough to put out an alert. He adds that this was the first time the new system was used, and they have some fine-tuning to do in using it.

Of the incident, Henry says.

Initially we had been told that there wasn't much of a description of the man, but now we know that he is a white male who possibly goes by the name of "Jake", appeared to be in his 30's with short blond hair, and was wearing work boots, a dark shirt and a baseball cap.

The matter is still under investigation. If you have information that could assist the Sheridan Police Department with the identity of this subject, please contact the PD at 672-2413.

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wyoming56 And....if this


And....if this person had went to another house and hurt or killed someone, some people would be wondering why the police did not notify the surrounding area something/someone may be in danger


freakzilla, you apparently


you apparently missed the first article they had on here, it stated that he had come to the wrong out. The first article before it was updated did not have any information of what he had said to her, it only said that he came there asked for someone who did not live there and left. And I do know what house this happened at because I live a few blocks over. Your name says it all!

The police report Synopsis:

The police report

Synopsis: Report that a male subject entered a house and asked for two subjects
who live there. The subject was told they were not home and he threatened the
subject who was home. She gathered her children up and left the house. Subject
left prior to officers arrival and his identity is unknown at this time.

Sounds like the gillette

Sounds like the gillette police chief has already hit the ground running with some more useless technology that can be incorrectly used.

I can believe 5 cars were called for no reason.You've had a shooting and a stabbing in the last year.


This technology was being implemented before the new chief arrived. So instead of criticizing people, why don't you take the time to get your facts straight.

So because someone had the

So because someone had the wrong house there was 5 cop cars and a emergency phone call to nearly half of Sheridan... sounds like part of the story is missing!! No way would the cops have had a call like that go out and spook everyone for something silly like the wrong house!

Wrong House?

What wrong house? How do you know what house? Were you there? Are you "Jake"? LOL...


Probably lucky he didn't go into a house where somebody would shoot him! People need to be more careful these days.

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