Deer Attack is a Not So Subtle Reminder of Why Wildlife Needs to Remain in the Wild

A white tail deer similar to the one pictured here is believed to be responsible for injuring a dog in Sheridan over the weekend. (Courtesy Photo)
A white tail deer similar to the one pictured here is believed to be responsible for injuring a dog in Sheridan over the weekend. (Courtesy Photo)

The Sheridan City Council approved on 3rd and final reading Monday night an ordinance making it illegal to feed certain wildlife within city limits. The new law couldn't have come soon enough for one Sheridan resident, as Brandi Burris describes an incident that occurred over the weekend between her dog and a deer.

Burris explains the events that unfolded that led her to believe that her 8-year-old yellow lab was gored by a buck.

Burris indicated that her dog is doing well and will make a full recovery.

Now that the City Council has passed the deer feeding ordinance, it is now illegal to feed deer, antelope, elk, moose, turkeys, ducks, geese, pigeons, coyotes, bears, wolves, skunks and feral cats within City limits.

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Christmas Bonus?!!!??!!?!???

Nice post. Other ways to handle deer. Yes we should all put up 10' fencing all around our properties w/gates. That will keep the deer from ruining our yards - yeah! DUH! I sure hope the city does what Buffalo did. That was a great program that provided great meat to families that needed it, my family was one of them! Why shouldn't we use tax dollars to protect property - we all pay property tax, and vehicle registration. I should get my property protected! We almost hit a deer running across the street at Sheridan and Coffeen! I guess I should put a $1000 grill guard on my vehicle because it is my fault, right? Oh, yeah, let's give city employees a Christmas bonus - no better use of taxpayer dollars, right? If there is enough money to give bonuses, they should give every city resident a credit on our city utility bill!



The deer are such an enviornmental hazard,

eating all the gosh darn grass...
comin up to our trees, jest nibblin...
and now "attacking" our dogs....what?

hell here in wyoming we actually believe in something called "deer overpopulation" or whatever, and we get excited and round up all our daddys guns and shoot deer in the face until we get 'um down to about five or six of them.

*does this mean i cannot feed my neighbors kitty when it comes to my door?*

mess with the bull, you'll get the horns!


Why does the new ordinance call out so many different animals? Are people really feeding the Wolves and Moose? Also, is there an exception for the city so they can feed the elk at the park? I personally believe if you are having problems with wildlife in the city limits, it is site specific and there are ways to handle this. The only reason the city passed the ordinance is so they could apply for a permit from the Game and Fish to harvest deer in the city limits. Again, we are using tax dollars to protect personal property. I would rather give our city employees a Christmas bonus than use the money to process the deer that the city shoots. Also, who ever does the harvesting of deer for the city will still have to ask permission from the property to do so (if I understand it correctly). Just an FYI.

Jason Koltiska

Jason Koltiska

It bothers me that they are

It bothers me that they are using this dog story as a reason for making laws about deer more strict. What was the dog doing? Dogs are predators of deer. Was the deer just supposed to lie down and let the dog have at it? Maybe she should watch where her dog is. I, personally, love to watch the deer. I am not stupid enough to try to pet them or let my dogs run up to them but just watching them is immensely important to me. I will be heartbroken if they seriously consider trying to keep them out of the city. Anyone with common sense can coexist with wildlife.

Deer Illegal??

Sad to think that our elected council have nothing better to do than see our wildlife starve. I think helping out all our neighbors who have lost their jobs or homes would be a better cause.


I think its mean TO LET THE BIRDS STARVE TO DEATH and other of gods ceatures but thats just my opinion

I am confused, how did these

I am confused, how did these animals survive before all of these generous city folk started feeding them?

they used to survive by

they used to survive by foraging in places like sam mavrakis or thornrider park before they were covered with houses, dogs, and people.


They took peoples land that was out of the city limits where the wild life lived and brought it into the city limits without peoples concent. thats why we have the wildlife'

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