Death Warrant Hearing Set for Wyoming Inmate

CASPER, Wyo. (AP) - A death warrant hearing is scheduled for December 14th for Dale Wayne Eaton, the only inmate on Wyoming's death row.

Eaton was sentenced to death for the 1988 rape and murder of 18- year-old Lisa Marie Kimmell of Billings, Montana. The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to review his case.

Kimmell went missing while driving from Colorado to Cody. A fisherman found her body floating in the North Platte River eight days later. She had been raped, hit in the head and stabbed before being thrown from a bridge. DNA evidence led to charges against Eaton in 2003.

Eaton's attorney asked the court earlier this year to bar his execution because of Eaton's mental status, but the judge said that there was no indication that Eaton isn't currently competent, nor was there any indication that he wasn't competent at the time of his trial.

I agree!

We watched a television show just recently and they were talking about this very thing. Why not put someone to death if that is their sentence? Of course, there would be a lot of lawyers losing income.

So long!

Why wait so long to carry out the punishment that should have been done within the first year of the verdict and one appeal! Why should the tax payers be held hostage for this deralics disregaurd for human life? Am I a hater! Do I hate being held captive by all these idiots filling our jails and courtrooms with endless appeals to change there fate....yes! Do the crime do the punishment! Start public caining for small infractions and sooner than later you will see a decrease in the amount of crime on our streets! Adults and juviniles alike!

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