Dayton Council Approves Grant Resolution For Kitchen Remodel At TRVCC

The Dayton Town Council approved a resolution Monday night that will allow the town to move forward with a grant application for the Tongue River Valley Community Center. Dayton Mayor Bob Wood explains that they are looking to remodel the kitchen at the community center.

Wood said that the grant has to be submitted by March 1st. The grant must be approved by the Wyoming Business Council and Wood indicated that the town should should find out sometime in June if it's approved.

Yes,there is absolutely no

Yes,there is absolutely no merit in spending $300k on a kitchen.

The kitchen was part of the

The kitchen was part of the old TR School and it was severely outdated. If you are interested in the town of Dayton you should go and check out the Community Center and see how much it is helping the TR Community. You may be surprised.

Butt of all Jokes Dayton's Mayor

Ever since Kalifornia Bob was elected to office he has done nothing but ruin the little hamlett of Dayton. He might not be the only one to blame but he is the one in the REAGAN look alike picture that is always posted. He might have done a few good things but allowing the subdivisions in with sweetheart deals are wrong! The worthless new water well with horrible tasting water and enough calcium buildup to kill a water heater in a year! Lets not forget the $120 a year free water taps that he was championing. The Jackson Hole style parking law---Dayton ain't Jackson! He will hire his sons like in the past to build houses and band shells and will probably get there finger into the 300K kitchen remodel. Dave Dearcorn was elected Mayor but backed out.. Now we are stuck with this guy!

The state and county are

The state and county are faced with major financial issues and no end in sight.But of course Dayton needs a kitchen and they just might be able to get'er done with $300k worth of taxpayer money.There isn't a food business in town with $300k worth of kitchen,but some how dayton needs that much.

where do you get your information?

Do you have any clue whatsoever of just how many ppl Dayton Community center has for clientele? The ppl of Ranchester, Dayton and the surrounding communities. This center gives the ppl in this area who would rather not commute to Sheridan a weight center, an after school and weekend center for the youth in the area, help with homework...and all in all is one heck of an addition to ANY community! If they need the assistance then why shouldn't they get it? They're just as much of a part of the community as Sheridan, Buffalo or any of the places you consider worthy! If it were the YMCA or something of the sort here in Sheridan I truly doubt if your opinion would be the same. Stop your Kinskey bashing and your overly pessimistic, community criticizing, and get a real life because we're all tired of reading your daily high horse, self-righteous preaching. If you don't like the area then I'm sure I'll be joined in this statement "MOVE"! It's ppl like you who make this country a bunch of political, citizen hating, constitution destroying country. Everyone who signs onto this page is sick and tired of reading your everyday BS. So please do us all a favor, unless you have something to say that doesn't deal with bashing Kinskey, putting down our community's youth, or actually is something the ppl on the site would care to read....KEEP IT TO YOURSELF! And as far as the state spending money on things unworthy....stop putting down the kitchen which is needed an start ripping on the so-called "North Main St project" want to talk about one Heck of a WASTE of taxpayer's money! Let's pay so many Hundreds of thousand's of dollars on foreign grasses and an arch so that ppl think our entrance to the Interstate is pretty....OMG GIVE ME A BREAK!

J. S. Luckjohn

How much does Sheridan Media

How much does Sheridan Media pay you to make these kinds of comments? I would really like to know because this comment has no merit whatsoever. I contribute my comments to this website daily as well, but when the news does not apply to me I simply let it go.

You may not think this will help anyone but the town of Dayton but you are severely mistaken. If you think about it, there is no way that Dayton can provide all services for this remodel so the town will have to hire contractors. These contractors will most likely be from Sheridan. These Sheridan based contractors will then go back to Sheridan with money that has been paid to them. They will spend this money in Sheridan most likely which will create a trickle effect in the local economy to get more money flowing.

I am sure you are an expert in economics so you know that already.

I'm sorry but I have to

I'm sorry but I have to agree, 300,000 is way out of scope for the cost of an industrial kitchen.. I may not agree with everything that he brings up, but think about what he said "300,000" ... Now ask yourself with a 300,000 dollar price tag, are they looking for ways to cut costs, and if so how ? 300,000 buys one HECK of a kitchen at whos expence ?

If the kitchen is anything

If the kitchen is anything like the rest of the building they will have to deal with asbestos which is not cheap to remove, they will have to essentially rebuild the entire kitchen from the floor to ceiling. It would probably be cheaper to tear down and build fresh, but I am no engineer.

Something I do know about is this type of grant money doesn't come from local sources. This grant will most likely have federal origins but it is being released by local officials. So you can complain a little less about the 300K that the community center is getting and thank the citizens of New York and California that pay so much into federal taxes.

I could not agree more with the person that has identified the Community Center as a great asset to the community of Dayton and Ranchester. It gives the kids a place to be together without driving to Sheridan or somewhere else.

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