David Selig Receives Sentence

Compassion shown at Selig sentencing.
Compassion shown at Selig sentencing.

On February 3rd, 2010, Sheridan resident David Selig went to trial in Sheridan County Circuit Court on multiple charges on three different dates in 2008 and 2009 having to do with Possession of Controlled Substance - Marijuana; Driving Under the Influence; Property Destruction. A six-person jury had found him guilty of several of the charges, and on April 15th, Selig went before Judge John Sampson for sentencing.

It was a very different David Selig in the courtroom Thursday. Under treatment for cancer, most of his hair was gone and he looked gaunt. Showing compassion even though he was the prosecutor for the State, Christopher LaRosa recommended to Judge Sampson that while it would be appropriate for Selig to serve some time, given his failing health, LaRosa recommended that the majority of his sentence be supervised probation.

Judge Sampson sentenced Selig to time served on the DUI charges, 90-day concurrent jail sentence, suspended, on the Possession and Property Destruction charges, and did give him one year supervised probation.


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