CVC: Sheridan Poverty Affects All

CVC: Sheridan Poverty Affects All

Earlier this week, Sheridan Media News touched on the subject of poverty in Sheridan. Amy Albrecht, director of the Center for a Vital Community at Sheridan College, pointed out there's a big gap in Sheridan between the upper-middle class and the many more who are making minimal wages in the service sector. Albrecht said poverty has a negative effect on the community as a whole.

If a significant portion of the population doesn't have financial security for food, shelter and healthcare, that means local shop owners do less business and community growth and development is stunted.

The CVC is planning a series of events for next month to start a dialog regarding how Sheridan can become a more livable place. For starters, she emphasized it's not about making a charity case.

To get involved with building a more sustainable community, contact Amy at the CVC at 674-6446, ext. 4203.

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