Crowd Gathers To Send Community Photo To Troops For The Holidays

One person’s vision may make the holidays better for around 70 Sheridan troops currently deployed overseas. One of the largest deployments of Wyoming troops in the state’s history has been going on since this spring. One Sheridan woman is spearheading a campaign to make sure that every one of the Sheridan troops gets a package from home this holiday season. Katie Luthy explains why she’s putting so much time and effort into the program.

A crowd gathered at the WYO Theater on Friday to take a community photo that will be included in all the packages going to Wyoming soldiers. Sheridan’s Mayor and 2 city councilors made an appearance at the event.

Luthy says volunteers are still needed to help prepare the packages and they could also use any donations available. Just postage alone to mail the packages will be nearly a thousand dollars.

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yes i would love for you to explain

What do you mean they over did it a little bit?? My husband is one of those deployed right now and i tell you what they strive off of the support everyone shows them! It gives them something to look forward to! These care packages bright up their days like you wouldn't believe I honestly do not think you understand what it is like for these soldiers to be gone for a year! So much changes and its nice for them to know that people are thinking of them during this year! I would love for you to have to be gone thousands of miles away from your family for a year during holidays, christmas, birthdays, thanksgiving valentines day ect. Maybe then you would understand how much it means to these soldiers.

I thank everyone who showed up to this event and showed their support it means more then you will ever know!

Thank you. I can't tell you

Thank you. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your husband's service, and the families of our servicemen and women have my utmost respect. Thank you for all that you do. It's my hope that these care packages will remind our soldiers how much THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY of Sheridan cares. Thank you for all you do. If there's anything I can ever do for you please don't hesistate to ask.

Happy Holidays

Party for troops families

The Republican Women of Sheridan County are hosting a Christmas party for the families of all the deployed troops of Sheridan and Johnson Counties. We're collecting donations for goodie bags for the children as well as for bags for each individual family. Any person that would like to donate towards this can shoot me an email for more info. The party is on Dec. 12th. Thanks!

they over did it a tad bit

they over did it a tad bit

Yeah I guess sending

Yeah I guess sending packages of much needed supplies as well as letting our local Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines know that they're hometown misses them is "overdoing it a tad bit". MRMANA- Your probably basing this on what efforts you have contributed to our troops, which I'm guessing is nothing. To our troops- I wish you all a sincere Happy Holidays and a safe journey back. See you soon.

How and What Did They Over Do?

Could you please expand on your comment and say what it is that you think they over did. I think that it is wonderful that this many people were involved in letting our soldiers know that their service is appreciated. Katie Luthy has done a wonderful job of organizing this effort. Way to go Katie!!

Over did?

What exactly did they over do?

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