Cowtown Hoedown Celebrates 60 Years

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Cowtown Hoedown dancers
Cowtown Hoedown dancers

Allemende Left…Do-Si-Do…Promenade, now do that with three other couples forming a square on the dance floor and you have the beginnings of a square dance.

This past weekend was the 60th annual Cowtown Hoedown held at the YMCA as over 70 folks joined in on the square dancing event. Hosted by Sheridan’s Jeans and Queens Square Dance Club, organizer James David tells gives us some square dancing basics.

Now, if that isn't clear as mud, having to do moves, spontaneously, as someone tells you to do them and all done to music. Caller Vernon Jones came all the way from Springtime, Texas and explains what he does.

When thinking about square dancing thoughts go to the old fashioned barn dances, but Jones tells us its roots date further back.

Square dancing is a dress-up affair with its own special code.

It may have lost some of its popular appeal, but Jones says square dancing is here to stay.

A great way to socialize and have fun, it’s said that two hours of square dancing equals 20 minutes of aerobics or walking 2-3 miles.

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