Courthouse To Get Another Face Lift Over The Next Several Months

The Sheridan County Courthouse will have more construction going on inside the building in the next several months. Sheridan County Commissioners met Tuesday morning and awarded the bid for remodeling of the 3rd and 4th floors of the courthouse addition to O’dell construction. The project is expected to cost nearly a million dollars. Commissioner Bob Rolston explains that the project has been planned for some time.

They expect to have the construction completed by late spring or early summer.

In other action, Commissioners decided to close Red Grade Road for the season. Road conditions have slowly deteriorated with the recent snowy weather.

Red Grade Road will officially close Thursday, December 3rd, at sunset.

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I don't know if it is a

I don't know if it is a possibility, but in the area of the US where I live projects like this are being initially funded through tax dollars but when finished are recovered through Stimulus funds. I imagine that could be a possibility with projects like a remodel of the courthouse.

As long as the money stays in the area I really wouldn't complain, if a company like JE Dunn was doing the work and shipping the money out of Wyoming then you should complain. Trickle down economics does in fact help out everyone in the end because when the contractor pays his workers they all go out and buy groceries and other things in and around Sheridan which gives other people jobs.

Way too much $$$$$

Who are these jokers who think it's OK to spend millions of dollars at the drop of a hat? They claim Wyoming roots but are originally from out of state and want make our state the same piece of C@#$ they escaped from! This is why the optional one cent sales tax should be repealled! It was good in the begining but now it has lead to extravagant spending and waistful spending by our talk out the side of your mouth politicians!

Middle of an economic

Middle of an economic depression with dozens of projects more worthy then a remodel job.But you've got the county wasting a Million plus and no way to regenerate the funds short of fleecing the taxpayer.

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