Court Changes Bond For Wilkerson During Hearing Wednesday

Court Changes Bond For Wilkerson During Hearing Wednesday

A Bond Modification Hearing was held Wednesday for Richard Cameron Wilkerson, 30, who is being held on second-degree murder charges in connection with the death of 45-year old Brian Newman last weekend in Buffalo.

County Prosecuting Attorney Ken DeCock had requested the hearing to modify bond, based on additional information found on Wilkerson from the State of Idaho.
DeCock said Wilkerson, in addition to his previous criminal history, has three outstanding failure-to-appear charges with accompanying warrants for his arrest. Although they are for misdemeanor charges, DeCock argued they added to the potential flight risk for Wilkerson, as he has shown a disregard for court orders in the past. DeCock asked for Wilkerson's bond to be increased from $100,000 cash-only to $500,000 cash-only.

Wilkerson's defense attorney, via conferece call from Casper, said increasing the bond would essentially make no difference as the family appeared to not be financially able to come up with the $100,000 let alone the proposed $500,000 bond.

Judge Paul G. Jarvis, presiding over the hearing, agreed that the new information increased Wilkerson's flight risk, but set the bond at $300,000. He also said all previous stipulations outlined in the previous bond hearing would still aplly, and if he did manage to make bond, Jarvis ordered that Wilkerson be subject to an ankle bracelet while he awaits his preliminary hearing next month.

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