Couple Make Initial Court Appearance

Sheridan County Courthouse
Sheridan County Courthouse

37-year-old Jason Bowman of Casper, and his wife, 53-year-old Jane Bowman, made their Initial Appearance in Sheridan County Circuit Court Thursday afternoon before Judge John Sampson.

Each are charged on two counts: Delivery of a Controlled Substance - Methamphetamine, and Conspiracy to Deliver a Controlled Substance - Methamphetamine. The charges are for a period of time in 2009 when the couple lived in Sheridan and were allegedly involved in the use and distribution of meth. They were arrested on a warrant in Casper on April 14th and transported to the Sheridan County Detention Center.

The felony Delivery charge carries a possible sentence of imprisonment for not more than twenty years, a fine of not more than $25,000, or both. The felony Conspiracy charge carries the same possible sentence.

Bond was set at $10,000 cash-only on each of them, and a Preliminary Hearing date has been set for April 22nd.

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It's easy to sway public

It's easy to sway public perception when you have control media, and law enforcement. Law enforcement routinely targets areas of interest. Just because an area of interest has shifted, does not mean the problem has gone away.

"Mexican Drug Cartel" That

"Mexican Drug Cartel"

That splains' why production of meth in motel rooms around the country has been in the spotlight lately.Then there's the continued issue of your 1% er's being heavily involved in not only production but distribution of meth domestically.

Few things funnier then a wannabe who barely makes it as a probation officer trying to sound like she has a clue.

Sheridan Media does not

Sheridan Media does not condone anonymous personal attacks on our web site. Please refrain from this or your account will be blocked.

Yeah, I guess the DEA is

Yeah, I guess the DEA is wrong. Most meth isnt't make by Mexican gangs. Funny, you know who I am and can run your mouth and demean me. Feel free to let me know who you are.

Law enforcement, health,

Law enforcement, health, counseling and corrections officials all across the state agreed that methamphetamine had indeed DECREASED. DCI has reported that in 2009 meth was making a little bit of a comeback. Even just in the last few months, it seems like it has been in the news a lot more here. State officials were taking credit for its initial decrease which is hogwash. It just became hard to get. The demand for it never went down.

The states in a finacial

The states in a finacial crisis and as such funding for all departments is down.So you're going to see DCI etc. crack down as much as possible to help get federal funding for the "War on Drugs".You had the WHP blaming the weather for them not busting as many pot shipments this past year.

No doubt the downturn in CBM production took with it a large portion of the losers that were using Meth and bringing in Meth.Considering how easy it is to manufacture meth locally,you're not going to curb production if there's demand.Every bust that can be reported in a monthly UCR is potential federal funding that a department can recieve.

To imply that law

To imply that law enforcement is only going to crack down on meth to increase their coffers is absolutely absurd. There is no shred of credible evidence to back that up.

The overwhelming majority of meth is manufactured by Mexican drug cartels in super labs. The decrease in meth a few years was a direct result of federal efforts to go after these groups and reducing the availability of ephedrine.

"Overwhelming majority of

"Overwhelming majority of meth is manufactured by Mexican drug cartels" ?

Are you positive you got your facts straight on this one?
One of the key reasons meth went mainstream was due to the fact it was so easy to produce.. There were labs across the country in hotel bathrooms and back yards.. The push that the federal government made was to remove "ephedrine" as an OTC drug, and slow down the purchase of it.. In the west any manufacture could go to the local co-op and drain off an anhydrous-ammonia tank to aid in their production.. Any dealer that wanted to could make this drug without "Mexican Drug Cartels", like I said that was a key reason why the demand exploded.

Yes, I know for a fact I am

Yes, I know for a fact I am correct on this. Read here for more info -->

Meth is still relatively easy to make. But now it is hard to get ephedrine because of the restrictions on purchasing it. You have to send a lot of people out to different drug stores to get enough to make meth.

That's why people in these

That's why people in these crews go to drug stores and just TAKE it.. There are RINGS of people who do this.. Also I do agree more ephedrine is making it across the border due to the fact that our government made more of a demand for the product by messing with the supply chain.. Dont you see what happened? The supply chain just shifted so how has demand or use increased? This is proof that when the federal government makes changes, it is the STATES that have to foot the bill.

Meth use did decrease, it

Meth use did decrease, it had to because the supply went down a few years back. The DEA looks at purity levels and drug prices to judge the availability of a product. When the price goes up and/or purity level goes down, that means it is harder to get. This is what happened a few years ago. Meth became harder to get in Wyoming. If you were a user, you had the option of switching to cocaine or to prescription meds. Their use increased around the same time meth was more difficult to get.

Yes, it does seem that Meth

Yes, it does seem that Meth is making a comeback recently. Drug and alcohol use/abuse do rise when the economy is poor; but WY did an awesome job as a State with their Meth programs. It is disheartening to see so much Meth in the news lately. Guess it is a reality check for all of us that Meth is still alive and well in our area. Too bad--that is one drug that deserves the attention it has received by law enforcement and government. Anyone selling Meth should have a mandatory 20 year sentence regardless of the quantity!

"Anyone selling Meth should

"Anyone selling Meth should have a mandatory 20 year sentence regardless of the quantity!"

I'm all for that as long as the 20 year stretch is hard labor that has the possibility to generate some type of supporting revenue. If they are going to sit in a cage for 20 years on my dime, I would rather they just get their overdose over with. At least that way the family has the option to pay for their recovery. I know it sounds cold, but I don’t think people understand the cost to the tax payer that we are loading up these prisons.

That is beyond cold.

That is beyond cold.

You must be a democrat; I

You must be a democrat; I don’t feel I should pay for other peoples social problems. I'm just saying.

What is less expensive,

What is less expensive, treatment or prison?


It never went on a just was never published so we all knew it.

J. S. Luckjohn

Actually it did go on a down

Actually it did go on a down fall. Statistically it shows that for arrests as well as the drug of choice in treatment facilities. Opiates and alcohol are on the rise or remaining high.

Is it me or has meth been on

Is it me or has meth been on the upswing again in the last year?

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