County Zoning Regulations In Hands Of Commissioners

  County Zoning Regulations In Hands Of Commissioners

The Johnson County Planning and Zoning Commission forwarded copies of the proposed zoning regulations they have completed and sent a letter informing the county commissioners they have completed the regulations and completed all requirements involving public notices and public hearings in accordance with state law.

They also recommended the county commissioners adopt the zoning regulations when the commissioners determine such regulations are necessary for the county, but to not wait until there is a development or other crisis before adopting them.

County Planner Rob Yingling gave a presentation to the commissioners, going over key points brought up by the zoning commission on why they should be adopted.
Discussed was airport funding, development boom,cost of community services and the adverse effects of removal of prime agricultural lands from production, rural and urban sprawl and possible damages to property and/or a reduction of property values.

According to the letter from the planning commission to the county, the options available to the commissioners at this point are (1) to adopt county-wide zoning; (2) to adopt partial county zoning; or (3) delay adoption of zoning.

Copies of the draft regulations will be made available to the public within the next week or so, according to Yingling.

No action was taken by the commissioners in the matter.

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