County Unveils Results Of Riparian Mapping Project

As part of the Sheridan County Comprehensive Plan, the County hired a consulting firm in the fall of 2009 to conduct a mapping project of the riparian areas of Sheridan County. The results of that study were presented to county officials at a meeting Tuesday at the Fulmer Library.

That's Sheridan County Planner Mark Reid, who explains that regulation of riparian areas within the county will need to go through the proper channels before being implemented.

One aspect of the consultants study focused on the importance of taking a proactive approach to preserving the natural scenic resources within Sheridan County. Reid said that staying ahead of the curve on preservation of riparian areas will save the county from unneeded expenses in the future.

Who cares,the county is to

Who cares,the county is to spineless to stand up to developers in the first place.A riparian zone won't stop development in the least.

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