County Renews Agreement For Walk-In Hunting Area

Bill Novotny
Bill Novotny

A walk-in archery-only hunting area, owned by Johnson County, has been approved by the county commissioners for use again for another five years, but amended to have an annual review.

The property with the walk-in area is adjacent to the Johnson County airport and is currently leased to a local rancher for grazing, and those concerns were brought up during discussions about the contract renewal with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department at the commissioner's last meeting.

Troy Tobiasson with the Wyoming Game and Fish had requested that the new agreement allow limited-range firearm hunting, such as bird hunting with shotguns, in addition to the archery-only hunting already allowed, but some commissioners were not comfortable with gun hunting close to the airport.
The other concern raised was allowing hunters on lands leased to a private individual.

Chairman Bill Novotny gave his opinion on those concerns.

The agreement that was approved by the commissioners, in addition to the length and review amendments, will allow archery hunting only and also waived the nominal lease payment from the Game and Fish Department.

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