County P&Z Recommends Approval of Riparian Management Amendments

County P&Z Recommends Approval of Riparian Management Amendments (Photo by Ron Richter)
County P&Z Recommends Approval of Riparian Management Amendments (Photo by Ron Richter)

Thursday night's regularly scheduled meeting of the Sheridan County Planning and Zoning Commission saw a packed house with many concerned citizens with an opinion on the proposed amendments to county zoning regarding riparian areas. After more than two hours of public comment, the planning commission voted 4-1 in favor of recommending approval of the amendments with some additional conditions.

Frank Kawulok, who is an affected property owner with three miles of frontage on Tongue River, says he disagrees with the county and says they're insinuating those opposed to the riparian amendments don't want
clean water.

Kawulok continues.

Mitch Cangiamilla is another affected property owner with land on both sides of Goose Creek, and he says the county could have done a better job at collecting public comment - not by holding public hearings during
business hours.

The planning commissioners echoed sentiments that they have gone above and beyond state law in offering as many opportunities for public comment as possible.

Planning commissioner, Jeremy Smith, says that overall, the lack of public participation in the public comment process essentially equates to general acceptance by a
silent majority.

Newly instituted planning commissioner, Mike Schumacher, was the only dissenting vote Thursday night. He addressed the commission questioning why agriculture is cart blanch exempt from these proposed amendments to county zoning.

The riparian amendments, with the planning commissions amendments, will now head to the Sheridan County Commissioners for consideration at their August 20th meeting at 9 a.m. A public hearing is scheduled to take place during the meeting.

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