County Planning Commission Tables Prairie Hills Rezone

The Sheridan County Planning and Zoning Commission tabled a request by Prairie Hills LLC/Jane Clark to rezone 96.4 acres of a 227 acre parcel from urban residential to industrial 2, which is considered light industrial. Sheridan Media's Ron Richter has the details.

The land in question is located east of Sheridan on the north side of State Highway 336. County Staff recommended that the rezone be denied because it did not fall in line with the County Comprehensive Plan.

City of Sheridan Staff drafted a letter stating that the City could not support the rezone since the City cannot supply water and sewer services to the area and that it did not conform to the Joint Area Land Use Plan and the fact that the property is located outside of the Urban Service area. The Commission tabled the item at the request of the property owner Jane Clark, who explains why she made that request.

Clark expressed to the Commission, that as of now there are no immediate plans for the area, but that the rezone would allow for a much speedier process if something were to come about.

Prior to the request to table, it became apparent that the item was going to be denied. Planning Commissioner Jeremy Smith.

Smith said that if the applicant were to change the rezone request to commercial, a conditional use permit would be a possibility for any future development.

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Steve intervened to say that

Steve intervened to say that we appear to be at the same impasse. He wants Paul to either produce a race schedule or a proposal for when they would be riding at the dirt track. Steve said that he wants this proposed riding schedule to be one that everyone can live with and not one that will only continue this debate.

Industrial park?

Have they straightened out the problems with one of the existing industrial parks, off of highway 14E? If I remember right, a guy by the name of Brad waters was involved and the property ownership papers along with a lot of other things was messed up. Not trying to stir the pot, just wondering.

The rocky mountains

A discussion was held on road numbers versus road names for St. Croix County. Dave Fodroczi said that the current process has been in place for 15 years. Two or three towns want named roads, the rest want street and avenue numbers. The existing roads with names will remain. The Committee feels that there is a good system in place and would like to see it remain the same. The street and avenue numbers are important for emergency vehicles to find the locations. It was noted that River Falls works with two systems for emergency services, as the River Falls area is split by two counties.

Jane needs to do several

Jane needs to do several things here.

First,change her name to Neltje.The city has had no problems extending city services to Neltjes properties and they've all been outside the service area.They even gave her $1.2 million in infrastructure during January.

Second,move for annexation.Kinskeys never seen a property that he didn't want to annex and add to the taxpayers burden.

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